Ultimate Blade

No Filter, True colors!

Full Custom Cultrotech SIRIUS.

Awesome mind-blowing Art and tactical masterpiece.

This knife is UNREAL. It looks like it’s coming from another planet. It looks like it has not been made by human hands. It looks like it does’nt exist! And yet it does! And yet it pushes the boundary of possibilities and sets new standards and new achievements in knife making.

This knife, to me, is not only a knife. It is more than a knife. Before being an oustanding cutting tool with one of the best steels technically speaking (M398 with 64HRC) it is a mesmerizing and mind blowing object. Actually It is probably the most beautiful object I have ever handled. It is a fabulous piece of art.

Highly polished Black Timascus scales, Outrageously well done mirror polish M398 blade. Not « probably the best »mirror polished blade in the world but : BY VERY FAR THE BEST mirror polished blade in the world done by Valentin. The best design by Maksim and the best heat treatment by Denis.

This is the knife of all superlatives.

This is a fantastic art knife & a fantastic tactical knife. This is the one and only Full custom SIRIUS.

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